Advice on site layout requested

Can you please review my site, too? I need your opinions to improve my design. Please give me honest feedback about the website and any suggestions of what could be done to make it better: I am sure you can give me professional and honest advice about the site layout?

I’m a new member at sitepoint, though I’ve been an Internet entrepreneur since the mid 1990s (so, a dinosaur).

Overall your site looks like a clean and neat standard design (pretty much like so many others these days). That said, the one thing which caught my attention was your decision to go with a gmail address for your subscribers. While my company does have and use gmail, we tend not to lead with it, opting instead for running our own email servers and handling email under some domains directly. You could hide your gmail address by employing some sort of “form to email” page rather than advertising the email address on the site itself. Others may not be as touchy about such things, but given how the big G likes to gather data, perhaps I’m just overly paranoid. Who knows if I am alone in that, right? :slight_smile:

In any case, without checking out the site more in depth, that’s what I have for you. Hope it is useful in some way and much good luck with your Amazon sales.

I see half the human body in the image on the main page. You need to make an image and show that there is more information below. You can make a dribble arrow or any other method.

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