My new website is almost ready to go live... any help and suggestions please

Hi All

I am almost at the point of putting my new website live and need your help and suggestions please… the website is

I have had some feedback saying the website is great and other feedback that the website is no good.

Some have said they love the layout, how the site works and how easy it is to follow and others say the colours are all wrong, the layout should be much better and the pages are too long.

I plan on doing a pile of Google, YouTube and Facebook advertising and if I get traffic to the website but no signups then the marketing part of the website is off.

If you can PLEASE have a look, and let me know:

  1. What are we selling

  2. Would you sign up

  3. What would you do to improve the website

  4. Any other suggestion

Thanks for any help.


I feel your top menu bit annoying. You can reduce the font size and can make it bit more professional look. In mobile view it dont have that much issues, I am telling about the desktop view.

Hi there,

A few points:

  • I would review the font size and capitalisation you’ve applied to the navigation and the CTAs as there’s little to no hierarchy within the design - I’m not sure what my eyes should be looking at first in other words. Also, all-caps are generally frowned upon in User Experience terms because it looks like you’re continually “shouting” at the visitor

  • You need to review the colour palette, especially if you want to emphasise certain elements of the website over others (again, think about what matters most and make that stand out)

  • The buttons/banners are wide and don’t really suggest they’re clickable. Try to use simpler button designs - maybe even incorporate them into a banner instead

  • Generally the site seems very “wide” at least on my screen (1920x1080)

  • I would think about making the quotes stand out with some design flair, just to make them a bit more interesting to look at

Otherwise, I would say it’s a decent design! Hopefully that helps?

The main comment I have is on your wide-screen menu. You really need to get those menu items to line up. This, I’m afraid, looks very amateurish

I agree with @Shoxt3r that you should not overuse all caps. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use them at all, just in moderation. And where you do use all caps, you should not type it all in uppercase but use CSS to change it to uppercase.

Yeah, that’s great! Good news! But before launching your website, i think you should check the actual speed of your website so that it would not create problem in the future! Thanks in advance! Best of luck!

Hi… thanks… we have started to make changes to the layout after previous feedback and the speed is something we will look at once done… I think waiting for the YouTube video to load is slowing things done and am thinking about replacing it with an image that you click on for a popup that then opens the video… mrmbarnes

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The retailer has no idea who you purchased the eGift Card through and has no idea that you got a discount eGift Card online… as far as they are concerned it is money for you to spend at their establishment.

That sounds to me as if there is something less than ethical, if not downright dodgy about what you’re doing. If that isn’t the case, and everything is above board, you might want to consider rephrasing that.

I suggest you run the site through the W3C Validator. There are quite a few errors, although many of them are the same type, so shouldn’t take too long to fix. Also, pay attention to the semantic structure. You have h1, h2 and h4 headings on the home page, but no h3. That looks as if you’re choosing headings based on appearance, rather than correct structure. As headings are one of the things search engines look at to “understand” what a page is about, it’s important to use them correctly.

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