Adsense Terms and Conditions


I have begun seeing more and more Google ads being used with other networks (i.e. a person uses Tribal Fusion primarily, with a Google ad in the footer). I haven’t kept up with the Adsense terms recently… is it still illegal to put other advertising networks on the same page as Google ads?

Let me know… better safe than sorry.

Yes it is now allowed, simply read the current adsense policies. You can now mix other contextual ads as long as they cannot be confused with adsense’s ads (not use same colors for title, text and url)

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I will definitely look into this.

Just wondering does this pertain to just image ads for Google Adsense?

Not just for image ads, they don’t make a difference. But when they say it shouldn’t be confused with adsense ads, they mean the format:
if your ad network uses the same format, then use different colors than adsense.

oh ok, I thought you were talking about possibly tricking people with an image ad that looks like an affiliate banner link.


If the ads display adblocks where which ads are displayed is determined by the content of the page then those can’t be displayed on the same page as Google.

Ads that display in blocks like the Google ads must not be ones where the advertising service picks the ads. If you want ads selected by the advertiser to match your content in your page they they must be handled some other way such as inline links within your content itself.

Could you please define “adblocks”? The term is a bit ambiguous and can be defined in many different ways.

If you’re talking about other contextual ad services (e.g. YPN) than they changed that rule in January of 2007 and this has been allowed for over 3 years now.

tke71709 is right, felgall needs to update his knowledge :slight_smile:
Me too I don’t like when things keep changing and we need to update what we’ve spent time to learn in the first place!

Just a good example that just because someone has a lot of posts on a forum (10k or even 5k for me) doesn’t mean that we know what we’re talking about.

Always check for yourself what some random stranger tells you on the Internet if it’s going to potentially cause you trouble.

So – to confirm – Google ads CAN be run with other advertising networks that do NOT look like Adsense?

lol. :slight_smile:

Yes, whether they are contextually serving the ads or using another method.

Okay so I got things backwards. It is the YPN ad rules that don’t allow AdSense ads to be displayed on the same page. The end result is the same though - you still can’t mix ad blocks from different advertisers on the same page because most of them have rules against it even if Google modified their rule to allow it.

You’d only be able to combine ad blocks where both services allow it.

OK I’ll bite, what major ad companies have this rule?

I am now wondering the same thing, felgall. What ad companies disallow adsense ads to be mixed with theirs?

Also, I know this sounds funny but don’t have anything about your links. Do NOT say click here for more information. That will get you banned really fast.

I think you have your answer…

Also never click on your own links. You will get banned quicker than you can say “show me the money”

A client of mine did that and wonders why they shut his adsense account down.