Adsense is not working properly

I have integrated adsense in my forum (See the forum link in my signature). The ads are not coming according to the page contents. Can anyone tell me what should I do?

There is an add on every header and some pages have an ad in the footer as well using IE9 and Firefox.

Do you have something turned off in your browser to prevent them showing like the new privicy tool in IE9?

[FONT=verdana]There are several possibilities:

  1. You have not waited long enough. It takes several hours for ads to start showing up.

  2. There are no ads available that match your content / region. This is unusual, but it can happen. You should wait a little longer, and if you still cannot see any ads, consider adding more content - and make sure it directly targets your chosen audience.

  3. The ads are showing up, but you can’t see them for some reason. Check that you have Javascript enabled, and you are not using an ad blocking plug-in. (In the first instance, try viewing your site from a different computer if possible.)


I am also seeing the ads running fine in the header of the forum. No issues noticed.