Adsense disabled

my adsense account disabled due to some A content…now i had removed …will my site activated again?

what is the reason your account got disable. If you violent terms and condition of Absence google can’t accept your account in same ip and domain… so try to taken new account from other domain and New IP… Best of Luck…

due to adult content

According to Adsense they can’t accept adult contents… choose any other ad service

You have to delete the content first and inform the matter to the adsense . They may start supplying ads again after long time observation.This is happend in my case also. I posted articles about ptc sites which is against the TOS of google. So they ceased the ad publishing.The space provided for the ads kept blank for a long time. Now I am getting ads.

recently google blocked adserving to one of my website, which aggregates content from other sites.
they told me the reason was adult content(although the gave me the time of 3 days i think, but when the time i checked the email my website was already blocked.You know what was the most funny part. when i checked the page they mentioned there was nothing(the data was already removed from source site) all i was having was the blank page with the adult title.
but the good thing was only domain was blocked not the whole Account.
You must have done something terribly wrong i think