AdSense Account Disabled

I posted this to Adsense forum recently. I’d like to add it here too.

My account has been disabled.

  • I have the most straight-forward untricky ad placements used in my websites. Maybe more than what is necessary. (Because I care about users. They should click to an advertisement only and only if they actually wish to.)

  • I absolutely do not use any kind of methods to manipulate ad clicks or impressions.

  • All my websites contains unique, high-quality, original content, which is absolutely legal and complies with the Adsense TOS.

  • No unusual activity, traffic boost or else recently accoring to my server logs.

  • I’m with Adsense for more than 5 years.

Thus, I might be the perfect example of a small Adsense publisher.

And still my account has been disabled out of the blue!


I appealed but I’m very very disappointed!


My appeal declined a day after I wrote this. Read the rest of the thread at:

Did you get an email from AdSense with a reason for disabling your account?

Is just your site disabled or your whole account?

My whole account has been disabled with the claim that it “poses a risk of generating invalid activity”.

No further explanations, not even a hint on what went wrong, while declining my appeal. You may read the AdSense forum thread linked above for detailed information.

I read your thread.

Sometimes (though not that often) innocent
publishers get the boot.

If anyone receives large amounts of traffic
via Facebook (and Twitter) or monetizes
Facebook Apps like you did they should use an
AdServer like DFP Small Business and use
frequency capping to prevent people from
excessive clicking.

Here is a how to for anyone wanting to give DFP a try:
How to set up DFP Small Business for serving Ads on your sites

Well, it does not feel like mere statistics, when it happens to you.

Consider how to respond when asked about Adsense, by an advertiser or another ad company. I’ll either have to lie, hide or explain why I’m banned from AdSense, with no chance to succeed: Most would think if Google disabled my account I should have done some kind of manipulative ad publishing.

There is great injustice here.

This is a very bad news you get so close from christmas (just mentioning it)
I think the problem is about what you explained in the thread, that you displayed your adsense in a facebook application and that most ad impressions came from that?
Well I don’t know about facebook apps, but I’m not sure how it qualifies for adsense, it means you display your adsense directly on facebook?

If so, that would be a danger, and perhaps if you could appeal again and say that you understand the problem now and will stop displaying adsense in your facebook app. Perhaps they will enable it again.

if you have already a great website in 5 years, start again with another adsense account and huge earning is just a peice of cake :slight_smile:

Ihate Google recently, it banned my site and my adwords 4 months ago, but i didn;t received my refund untill now

My Adsense account was disabled too last month. They banned me simply because I didn’t provide “original content” and “good navigation” on my sites.

I guess some Google Adsense employees were looking for a kickback to boost their Christmas income.

You can read it my blog here: