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Hi Everyone, what do you think about Adobe Muse CC letting designers or
anybody for that matter to develop website without having to code. Is it limiting in
in using different frameworks and components? what does this mean for designers and
developers in the future? is it something to be worry about? Or is Adobe’s aim only for those
who want to avoid code and hobbyist?

Has Adobe gone too far? or are they too far gone? heading towards the future
of web design?

I am personally learning how to code and made my first website from scratch
for the first time. should I be worried? am I on the right track?

I am totally unfamiliar with Adobe Muse

But I am familiar with more that one “does your coding for you” apps.

Please consider that I am extremely biased about this.

OK, the intention is to have an app put together code for those that don’t know how to write code themselves.
An honorable enough goal I guess.
(lol “You too can be a brain surgeon in your spare time with no previous experience required!!!”)

Many such apps, be it HotDog Express, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, whatever, do manage to result in something that looks OK. And for someone that doesn’t know how to write, they will be blissfully ignorant and happy with that. After all, it “works”: and many are pragmatists.

To be fair to the apps, it is not an easy thing to do correctly. AFAIK things have gotten better, but I have no need to use such an app and as said, I am strongly biased against them. (I am not a pragmatist, but more a perfectionist and believe code should be at its best)

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While I used it once I need to say that adobe muse is good IF you are creative.
In my experience muse was made for creative artist.

is the coding clean ?
Not really.

I think if somebody took the time you can make a nice and awesome looking website enhanced with a powerfull cms.

My opinion :

It is a nice “editor” for letting creative designer create a website that is complete with their taste.
It shows that adobe is not only for designers and developers.

You make a good point though.

Yeah that is very true.

maybe that is the main issue to always consider in
using these apps…but maybe we must consider also
what is more valuable a from scratch developer or some editor…

Well both can have its advantages.
And with some work you could clean up the code that the editor gives you.

A developer could make it a bit more troublesome if he cannot get his head around your idea for example.

But I would rather go with a designer.

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