Adobe Muse

Only just heard about this product. I am aware that products like this have been frowned upon in the past- but surely with the backing of something like Adobe this will be quite good?

I remember using photoshop plugins in the past and the qualty of the code they have given out was laughable at times.

Any good/bad experiences with this product? And if its bad at the moment seeing as its in BETA stage what are the chances of it improving when its finally released?

I took a look at the Adobe Muse website showcase. Here’s part of the source code for one of the featured designs made with Adobe Muse…

     <div class="clearfix grpelem" id="n57"><!-- column -->
      <div class="clearfix colelem" id="n58"><!-- group -->
       <div class="clearfix grpelem" id="n59"><!-- column -->
        <a class="anchor_item colelem" id="remedy2"></a>
        <a class="anchor_item colelem" id="osh2"></a>
        <a class="anchor_item colelem" id="birdbags2"></a>
        <a class="anchor_item colelem" id="samsonite2"></a>
       <ul class="MenuBar clearfix" id="menu"><!-- column -->
        <li class="MenuItemContainer clearfix colelem" id="n60"><!-- horizontal box -->
         <a class="nonblock nontext MenuItem MenuItemWithSubMenu MuseMenuActive anim_swing rgba-background clearfix grpelem" id="n61" href="/index.html"

I don’t think anything else needs to be said…

lots of Muse reviews here

Basically, if you’re a web/graphics designer, as opposed to a coder, and you’re not concerned about code quality and efficiency, then you’ll probably like Muse.

If you’re an experienced coder and you know what you are doing regarding being standards compliant, then you probably won’t touch Muse or most of the other wysiwyg type editors.

And with

Not necessarily. Have a look at Dreamweaver.

From the Muse home page:

Design and publish HTML pages to the latest web standards …

O lordy. Well, there are standards and there are Standards, I guess.

I think I can add something. coughFrontPage!cough