Need help with WordPress and custom designs

Hello every one there!!!
I am newbie developer and designer. I want to develop a website on WordPress platform. Therefore, seeking help of experienced members of this forum. One more thing I want to know is about design software that help those who want to make custom designs. Please let me know in detail about these kind of software.

Welcome…well a lot of people use Photoshop to mock up their designs, then they fire up their code editor and replicate that design using HTML/CSS and then depending on how complex it needs to be they then use other languages like JavaScript/PHP etc

Hey 187skillz! Thanks for your kind reply, but you showed me a completely different way. Actually i need help to work with WordPress. Actually i have heard about the design software that need not a single bit of coding. So, i wanted to know about those more.

There are apps that can help you do this — an example is Webydo (we wrote about it on SitePoint a little while ago). You’ll likely need to have some basic HTML and CSS skills to tidy up the code, but it could be a good place to start.

you might want to share w/us:
How much experience do you have?
How extensive a site do you plan on creating?
How much work do you see yourself put into this?
What is the purpose of the site?
Do you have any ideas at all on how to customize a wp site?

You’re welcome, oh Adobe Muse, check it out, I’ve never used it but have seen a few tutorials on them around the web.

From Wiki

Adobe Muse is a product by Adobe Systems. The software is focused on allowing designers to create websites without having to write any code

Thanks again!..can i make use of Adobe Muse to design WordPress themes??

in my personal opinion, the best way to DEVELOP wordpress website is to use a framework like foundation or bootstrap
Adobe Muse, Webydo are payed application and I’m afraid you have to continue to pay them as long as your site is alive. In long term it’s costly decision. But yeah, you pay the price for easiness.

don’t know about that Soapmarine.
I would actually look into using _underscore and simply figuring out my css. Especially as the latest wp is already set up to be responsive.
But i’d have to see to believe a wysiwig for wp. Or at least the more advanced wp templating