Adding regions to multiple pages so every page is competing for my client in those regions

I have a client that offers his services in many different regions, so he has quite a lot of place names and regions as keywords. I dont want to take up keyword space in the titles etc, so is it a good idea to have a section in the footer so it appears on every page, and I have something like “I work in the following areas: Bristol, Gloucester, Chepstow…” etc.

So is that effective use of those keywords which will appear on every page, and allow the pages to be associated with those regions by the search engines.


If the same list of cities and regions appears on every page, I would suspect it might start to look like keyword stuffing.

If there is a page relevant to one area, and only that area appears in the text for that page, then that would be a useful signal to search engines, and helpful to those searching. Listing multiple cities per page does not seem to me to be helpful either to search engines or to human visitors.

Hi, no the services are offered in every region, but its important part of the seo, because its more likely that a user will type ‘boiler engineer bristol’ for instance, so its important both ways. In that they are relevant to each page and service and also they are relevant to the visitor as they can see that these services are on offer to them in their area.

Hi, does the regions have their own pages?

What search result do you want for the term ‘boiler engineer bristol’?

You seem more concerned with bots than you do with human visitors. I should have thought your human visitors would want to know where your man works, so a paragraph to that effect would probably be useful to human visitors.

PS I don’t think the title of your post bears any resemblance to what you’re asking.


No they dont have their own regions, he offers the same services in all the regions. Each service will have its own page, so for example if someone types in air conditiong bristol, ideally the keyword bristol needs to be on that page, but i dont want to put them all in the titles as it will take all the room up. So then if someone types air conditiong chepstow, then i want him to be able to also compete for those keywords in chesptow, so my thinking is a paragraph on the home page detailing the regions isnt going to be good enough, if i need the regions to be on all the services pages.

Does that make sense, so its a human and bot issue.

OMG what happened there! Im so sorry, it should be somehting like -

Adding regions to multiple pages so every page is competing for my client in those regions.


I would put all the regions on the home page or whatever one page you want search engines to find him on. I don’t see the value in putting them on every page of the site, either from the user perspective or the search engine.

Then maybe make a list of the regions that’s the service is avaiable to on each service page. Not in the footer, but in a service avaiability list.

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