Adding Google MP3 player to custom page


Having some trouble including the Google MP3 player to one of my pages.

I have downloaded the plugin and it works perfectly in a blog page. However, I can’t figure out how to get it to display on a custom page I have made in the template.

I have another player which works great as a plugin and it also works in a custom page with some code, so I’m sure it can be done with this one.

I have two players because the client likes the flash based one (this Google one), but have included the other so Iphone/Ipad users can still hear his tracks.

Blog page with Flash player and JS player working together

Page I want to include additional player

Any help would be much appreciated!


Well, it looks like the plugin that is being used is this one:

It hasn’t been updated in two years and the latest version of wordpress that it works on is 3.0.5.

You’re probably going to have to find an alternative.

This one looks promising, though I haven’t tried it myself:

Hi Force Flow,

Thanks for taking a look.

Strangely enough the wpaudio plugin that hasn’t been updated for some time in your first link, is the one that works fine in both the blog and the ‘services’ page.

The second link you posted is actually the one I have used for the blog and works great in that. I just can’t see how to add it to the services page so it runs alongside the WPaudio player.

With WPaudio you just add a link : <a href= “<?php bloginfo(“template_url”); ?>/musc/advert.mp3” alt=“” > r a t 6 6 - Advert 1 </a>

and it shows up. Just can’t figure out the code I need to add the google player alongside it. Was hoping it’s something simple I’ve missed.