Mobile and Audio - compatible plugins

Hello, Has anyone found an audio player that looks like an audio player (got mp3 jplayer to work but feedback was poor since the volume control is in an odd place) that works with any mobile plugin? I contacted WPTouch but they have no idea what works with their plugin. Tearing hair out. I’ve been on this for a couple of months. The audio plugin looks like it’s working for people on an older version of WP. Haven’t gotten MediaElement to work - it looks like the song is playing but there’s no sound. I’ve got a fresh install so something should work. Many of the audio and mobile plugins are not ready for WP 3.2.1.

WordPress has deleted this post on their forums. I think they recognize that with this limited functionality, WordPress may be rendered irrelevant since mobile is the wave of the future. I’ve worked miracles customizing WP but am stuck here, going in circles for months now. Any ideas would be appreciated!