Adding a Shopping Cart Feed into another site?

Hi Everyone,

I have a client that wants a shopping cart. He wants to be able to upload his own products. In addition to this he wants the products from another shopping cart (someone he is partnered with) fed into his site. My thinking is that this would be done via RSS or something. They did send me the following RSS feed URL:

<![CDATA[Super Decathlon with Aerobatics]]>

All the information for the above feed shows when loaded in the browser but there is no formatting or images.

Your advice is needed.

How do I go about getting these products (from the external site) into my clients site?

Also, the client (before the above partnership) paid me for a wordpress site. I suggested that he might have to upgrade to a full blown shopping cart.

What shopping cart software would work best for this scenario and is this something that can be done in WordPress?

Hope I explained correctly. Please ask if anything is unclear.



you have to make feed for that.and once your feed will generated you can upload in feed burner or other feed accepting site.But if you are using core php for making a site then you have to take help from your web developed for that to make a feed by all free open sourced cms feed automatically generated.