Adding a CMS, swapping videos

Hey Guys!

I have this website that I am working on. The basic layout, there are different category of pages, each with a list of subcategories alone the side that each housing a number of different videos.

I can change them via the code. But does anyone have any recommendations of a CMS that I could setup and install so that other people can change them so I don’t have to!

Hi drenn. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

When you say you want others to make changes, do you mean clients or the general public? Most, if not all, CMSes have login areas where people can log in and make changes, but generally, you wouldn’t want this to be open to the public. Sites like YouTube—which let people set up accounts and upload their own material—are pretty big operations, so it’s a lot to take on if you are giving public access.

Hey! Thanks for the welcome!

It would be a private, login restricted area.

The page is a gallery of projects that I have worked on so its just one or two other people that I work with that would be making the changes.

OK, cool. Any of the big CMSes would be fine. I personally use ExpressionEngine, which is great (and I find very easy to work with) but is has a price tag on it, so you may prefer something free, like MODx, Drupal, Textpattern, Silverstripe, CMS Made Simple, Concrete5 … any of these would be fine.


I have used but never tried to implement a CMS before. Would any of those be easier for just allowing the swapping out of videos?

I can only really speak for the one I use (EE). It would be very easy once the system to adding/switching videos were set up.

Another thing you could do—completely different, really—is to use a separate add-on for your site, such as Slideshow Pro Director. I’ve just been using it recently, and it’s pretty good. You can set up slideshows, upload videos, etc. and manage them in many ways. The people uploading/managing the videos wouldn’t have to touch the actual site at all. You would just set that up beforehand to display the videos in any way you choose.

Slideshow Pro has the advantage that it includes code that makes the videos viewable cross platform, which is really handy. Using SSP would also mean you won’t have to rebuild your site with a CMS.