Self hosted tutorial platform for using inside a company

Hey Everyone,

I actually have a straight forward question.
For my work I have to make some tutorials, only I want to do this in video format. Now, these tutorials are only for certain employees within a certain company. So it could also be that a certain employee may see a certain video.

So I wondered if there is a super simple web application (based on MySQL / PHP, web-based), to which you can add users who can see certain videos?

Let us start with the simplest possibility. I am not real familiar with WordPress but as I recall you can restrict pages to specified users and/or a specified group. So you could create a page with the relevant videos listed and/or described. What more do you need?

Hey @SamuelCalifornia,

Thanks for the response in the first place, after looking around.
Maybe I’ll try Discourse in the first place :slight_smile:

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