Add PHP Environment Variables?

I’ve just start working on symfony framwork and having a problem.
(I’m working on Windows XP, and xampp installed.)

I’ve start working with symfony sandbox, and i’ve installed symfony framwork successfully.

In a dcoument it was wirtten that to execute the following command from command prompt:

> php symfony propel-build-model:

Make sure to be at the root of your project (sf_sandbox/) when you call the symfony command.

but when i execute the command i got the error message:
php is not recognized as an internal or external command.

I think i’ve to add the environment variables for PHP but how,
and if is there any other mistake i’m doing please guide me.

Thank you.

Right-click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Button button Environment Variables > System variables list box.

Look for Path > Edit > Add the path to PHP something like this D:\Programs\Development\Xampp\php

Use a ; divide paths.

i’ve done as you have told, but it isn’t working, i’ve restarted my pc too,

i’ve given variable the name PHP in capital letters and the path is :D:\Project Files\xampp\php\

Help plz.

No, You just edit the variable “PATH” (case doesn’t matter) and add “;D:\Project Files\xampp\php\” to it.

thanks buddy, it works
Thanks a lot.