Access to code archive

Newbie here. I’m on page 48-49 and I need to find the divers-circle.jpg in the archive. How do I get to the archive? Forgive me for being so ignorant, but I’m not very IT literate. I just don’t know where to go.

Can someone help me figure this out?

Hi mukeshshah, welcome to the forums,

Each SitePoint book has it’s own page(s). For example, for “Build Your Own
Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition” the link is

On the left is a menu, if you click on the “Code Archive” link, you will go to a page with a form, for you to enter your email address.

Thanks for that. Very useful.

-I have the book “The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks”, but I can not get its source code. I was entered my email following website’s guide to get source code then received the notice “The email address you entered was not recognised by our system. In order to download the code archive, please enter the code word.”.
-Would you show me how to get source code of this book.

Thanks and Best regards,

If you have source code of this book, can you share me it via email <snip></snip>

After you click on the “Download Code Archive” button you will see on the same page as that error:

  • Code Word (enter the word specified, normally the last word of a chapter)
  • Purchased From (Choose the appropriate option)
  • Your Country (Select the country which you live in from the list)

Once you have entered them hit “Download Code Archive”. If successful you’ll get emailed a special link to use to get the code archive (with some emails it can take a while for the email to get through)