Where's the "code archive"?

I’ve just started to work my way through the ‘Build your website the right way’ book (2008)
I typed in the basic html bit on page 31, but it doesn’t work in IE. You mention getting the file from the ‘code archive’ but I can’t find it. Any clues?
Hope you can help

The code archive can be downloaded from here.

The book’s preface tells you where the book’s website is and about the code archive available there.

The website is here:

And the code archive is linked in the right column

Hi Magic Pants, welcome to the forums,

Links to a book’s code archive (and other things like errata, index etc.) are located near the top left of their pages. For “Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS” edition 1 (if you have that and not edition 2) the link is http://www.sitepoint.com/books/html1/code.php?forcehistoric=1

Many thanks. I’ll have another try tonight. (I’ve got the 2nd Edition)
Obviously not a good start if I’ve not read the Preface properly! :blush: