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I’m reading “Build your Own Website the right way Up”. I just can’t navigate to the book’s code archive. Can anyone help and show me how to get to the code archive?

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The code archive is at

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Thank you for the information. I try the site but did not get what I was after. What I am after is the code archive for “Build Your Own Website The Right Way” By Ian Lloyd. The address given in the book is “” I just can’t navigate to it. This is delaying my progress through the book.

The above is the link to the code archive for the third edition of the book:

If you click on the appropriate chapter, you should see a directory called “examples” or “website_files”, with the content you need.

Yes, TechnoBear. Thank you for your help. I downloaded the code achive from “github” you gave me earlier as I was only offered to download the book and read offline on SitePoint. I was able to extract all the codes. Thanks once again

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