Absolute beginner

I’ve not been to Sitepoint for years - used to come here for Coldfusion and HTML advice as I found the boards very knowledgeable and the people friendly and patient.

I’m now looking coding apps, specifically starting off for iOS devices.

I’ve got absolute zero experience in this so I’m starting from day one. Can anyone recommend a place to start? A book? A tutorial series? Something that breaks down Xcode and Swift etc?

I know it’s a long road to producing my first app but every journey starts with a first step and I’d appreciate some idea I which direction to head.

Thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:

You can active on stackoverflow online coding forum. Otherwise you should join mobile app developer company, in order to get application based knowledge.

First, I’m going to contradict the person above me. StackOverflow, much like this very forum, is not a place to learn coding, it’s a place to ask questions or get help when you have a problem. And joining a mobile app development company when you are hoping to learn mobile app development seems like madness, to me.

That said.

TheNewBoston, if memory strikes well, does good tutorials. Here’s the Swift series - although I cannot vouch for what version of Swift it is, so it might be outdated. https://thenewboston.com/videos.php?cat=280

Sites like Udemy or Codeacademy also might also be places to check for Swift content. And the Swift documentation isn’t bad, if you need reference material.

Good luck on your journey!


Thanks guys - appreciate your advice. To be honest I’d rather steer clear of multiple dev forums and just focus on books and tutorials so I’ll check out the videos and sites suggested by Jeffrey above.

Burnt out from contracting for the past 10+ years so I’m taking a few months off for myself - hopefully be able to get my head around this and break the back of the learning curve.

Cheers all.

Not trying to Necro-Post but if you want to learn app development using web languages
I would look into Ionic and Cordova.
It’s cross platform as well.
You can test it on a standard web browser.

Then using Cordova you can export to your desired app platform. - this is of course assuming you have all the dependencies installed.

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