About "nofollow"

If add “nofollow” to the link of “next page” at the bottom of articles , which is too long to cut for several pages, is well? If not ,do the link "next page " will share off the weight of homepage ?

All adding nofollow to internal links does is wastes a part of the value your pages get through links.

If SEO was a bucket then nofollowing internal links is drilling small holes in the bottom.

No follow links would just be ignored by indexers and won’t crawl in every pages of the web.

If you add nofollow to the link to the second page of the content, only the first page of content will be indexed.

Rather pointless if you want people to find what you’ve written. :slight_smile:

just take my website for exmaple :http://www.ledlightsorient.com/[led-bulbs[url=www.ledlightsorient.com]-c-1.html](http://www.ledlightsorient.com/led-bulbs-c-1.html)

, i want my customes have a convenient reading experience by click the button “read more”, the other hand i don’t want to see it hurt my works of SEO.

If you have a page filled with content, having it indexed won’t hurt your SEO (if it’s relevant) you should let the spiders index it. :slight_smile: