Nofollow links pointing at noindex page within a site


After watching this video [Should I use the nofollow attribute on internal links?] and others, I have a doubt.

Since noindex-tagged pages have a pagerank (or value, since pagerank does not exist anymore) of zero, I would like to ask (and comment) if wouldn’t be advisable to put a nofollow tag in every link pointing to them in a site.

I have a folder with many general information, legal and privacy files, with more content than the rest of whole site, although useless content since it has nothing to do with its topics, so I decided to tag them noindex, as it is usual in so many sites out there.

The problem is that there are many links in the thematic pages pointing to those other worthless parts, and considering that the noindex-tagged pages do not sent any value through their links, since they are not indexed, I am thinking that perhaps the value sent to them from the indexed, valuable pages is actually being wasted someway.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think that Mr. Cutts is talking about fully indexed sites, including the log-in pages.

I would really appreciate some comments on all this.

Best regards.

Since those pages are not indexed, I don’t think it makes any difference whether the links to them have nofollow or not.

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The main reason I can think of for adding nofollow to links to pages with the “noindex” tag is simply to stop Googlebot (and others) wasting time following links to pages I don’t want crawled anyway. I’d rather have the other pages on my site being crawled and indexed.

I’m not sure where you found that information, but I suspect you’re worrying unnecessarily here.

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it!

If a page is marked as noindex then that’s usually enough for search engines not to account for those pages in search results. As for links pointing to noindex pages I wouldn’t worry about them, let the search bots decide what to follow or not.

You could always add some Disallowed files/folders to your robots.txt file as well.

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