A new name for Promotion Techniques

Those of you that frequent the Promotion Techniques forum may have a small heart attack when you next log in and have trouble finding it.

Fear not, it hasn’t been removed, just renamed. We have decided that Internet Marketing is a better name in today’s climate.

I should probably spend a little time looking at that.

One thing I have read is that if you are going to dream, dream big…

Sometimes I think I dreamed too big.

It’s always a little grey when you use that term, and there is certainly is a history in IM, but IM has certainly grown up some now, and it does make sense. I am going to assume that ebooks, clickbank, squeeze pages, and auto-responders will naturally make their way in as topics in this newly named forum.

I like the new name. Should be fun to see what sorts of new topics find their way into the forum.

Let’s just hope that it doesn’t become a place for people to actually market themselves. :wink:

Where’s my defibrillator? What? :eek: Really?

So…we’re just kicking “offline marketing” like direct mail and print advertising etc… to the curb?

I could understand if most people here only promoted websites online, but most web designers I know rely on a combination of both on and offline marketing to start and grow their businesses.

I thought “promotion techniques” covered all the bases rather well - the new name seems rather limiting to me. :confused:

Edit: Ok, so I read the forum title “Everything from viral marketing to offline branding and promotion.” and feel a little better now - but still confused why we’re calling it “internet marketing” if we’re including offline stuff too?

possibly because the purpose of the marketing is to bring people to your website on teh internets

if you had a bricks-and-mortar business, you could also use a combination of internet marketing and offline marketing, but the target would be different

^ what he said.

We’re not changing anything but the name. :slight_smile:

I think you can “market” an internet site or product offline, and that would still be thought of as “internet marketing”. We are still promoting sites or products found online no matter how you slice it.

Probably not a good idea to refer to it as IM, there’s a much more famous communication method which uses that acronym… Instant Messaging :wink:

Internet Marketing is a lot less “spammy” sounding than Promotion Techniques… Marketing at least has a professional background to it, promotion just sounds (to me) like an excuse to get spammy with it (self-promotion). Hopefully the name change will tighten the net on what’s allowed in there (ways to market goods and services - rather than how to pollute every social network, blog comments form and nofollow forum on earth). A good move in my book. :slight_smile:

I agree, the name of the forum isn’t Online Marketing, it’s Internet marketing… as in getting the word out about something which primarily exists to gain traffic on the Internet. I doubt anyone would confuse Internet Marketing with being online only (at least the people who know what their talking about), it’s pretty easy to see that marketing a website uses both online and offline methods, if you watch the TV you get loads of website brands pushed onto the screen. The only way I think we could make it sound more explicit to both online and offline (for websites) would be “Website marketing” which just sounds like an excuse to spam. :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong of dreaming big. sometimes it really make sense and pursue you to do much better of achieving it :slight_smile:

Actually Marketing is not Advertisement and promotion…
Marketing is Analyzing consumer needs and then Planning and producing projects accordingly and then promotion and selling.
Advertisement is just a sub part of promotion…whereas promotion is single element of marketing… :slight_smile:

I know that there is a lot going on. But maybe the meta description tag’s content should be changed too?

<meta name="description"
 content="Webmaster Forums for Design, CSS,
 XHTML, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Affiliate Marketing,
 ASP.NET, Promotion" />

Thanks Allan. I’ll put it on the list. :slight_smile:

Is it technically correct to call this place a webmaster forum? I always thought of webmaster’s being those nerdish people who camp out in the server-rooms getting their feet defrosted on the server racks. Perhaps “Web design, development and management community” would be more suitable! :smiley:

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