Joomla social network Template

I need a template free template for social community website Can anyone give me some useful links???

Joomlart just came out with a good one called JA Sanadine

The Social networking is very hot currently. Most of them are complex in nature so you wont find many ready templates which are good in quality and free.
I would suggest go for a premium template and customize it a little bit. The job will be done much quickly.

If you are really serious about your social networking project, i would suggest you to hire some coder to code a custom template :slight_smile:

Good luck, joomlart have got really good themes
also try rocketthemes.

Joomsuite just released a component for this…

You can try Social Home Plazza which is the latest released Social Networking Template for Joomla. One of the greatest benefit of Social Home Plazza is the fact that it includes TPSocial which is an Additional Component that will display all the latest items from your accounts on Social Networking sites and that too on a Single page. However, you will have to use TPSocial Module for this purpose which is really simple to be used.

Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

Social Networking Template usually just means the design. Even if you buy the template, you are unable to create your own social network. You will need social networking software, hosting, and then the template. Some social network providers are free like, some are paid like,,, <snip/>

In order to find a good social networking template, you need to find the open source application to handle it and then search for a template, you can use joomla, wordpress, drupal… You can add lots of plugins in order to make those applications look like social networking, but the best among all of these is, this open source is made for that, I’m using it on my site and I have a great experience with this application.

check this link may useful for u:-

If you want to be successful in social community website, then you need custom design and code your template .

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