A List Apart Survey 2009

Hey Everyone, It’s that time of year (again!). In case you are not aware (or are a reader of the popular Internet based web design magazine and have not checked the website yet) A List Apart have just launched their latest reader survey to gain some insight into the industry and get statistics about the kind of people who work in the field of the web. It would be nice to get some really useful information (for a talking point and for the industry as a whole) so anyone who wants to contribute you just need to visit the A List Apart website (or hit the below link) and you can take part in one of the biggest surveys of professionals going. :slight_smile:

a list apart web designer survey?
how long does it last?

took me around 10mins
but i don’t rush with surveys.

The list apart survey is actually intersting one. As a web developer or designer we understand more about our customer,end-users and the user interactive interfaces. But giving this survey will actually help other professional to understand the statistics and expertise we as developer/designer holds. The outcome of this web survery for web designer will be more effective in terms of corporate staffing ,requirement of web designer ,kind of expertise available,understanding market standards and many more.Even this survey will help in knowing the web technology preferred by designer and expertise in particular technology in specific.

This survey is good deal indeed and interesting though.

I’ve taken part in the survey for the last few years and the result’s it’s shown has been really interesting, the types of people in the industry has changed so much over recent years. Hopefully more people will see this thread and take part in the survey (took me about 5 minutes) and help give the A List Apart team even more useful data to work with. When they publish the result’s I’ll put another thread up so everyone can see what’s happened! :slight_smile:

Done in under 7 minutes and the questions are enjoyable really. I mean, the whole thing is to benefit our industry and you know you can trust the guys at A List Apart anyway, at least I do.

I look forward to the results for this years survey too, last years results were very interesting to look at. They do a fantastic job!

Go for it! :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

Thanks for posting this Alex. Haven’t been over to ALA for a month or so now, and hadn’t heard the survey was on again. I do enjoy them. I thought the last one was done during this year, but then realized that it was the results of last year’s one that were posted during the year. The results they get are fascinating.

I usually find out about these surveys long after they’ve ended. This is the first time I was able to participate. Thanks for the heads up Alex!


Thanks alex the tips are wonderful

I took the survey. I’m curious to see the results of the survey. Where can I find that?

It takes about 4 or 5 months for the answers to be pored over and interpreted, so you will have to wait a while. In the meantime, you might like to view last year’s results:

They asked a wider range of questions this year so it should be more enlightening, each year they focus the survey more and more with much better relevant questions so it’s definitely something that will be worth reading once it’s published. I think last year they needed 3 different independent research groups to pour over the data and weed out the “junk” to ensure it was a fair analysis of the web design community. That’s something else we can say about A List Apart, unlike most people who publish random surveys on the industry, they go out of their way to ensure the results are as accurate as possible (that and we get to download the XLS file).

I took the survey.but where can I find the result?

I don’t think they have the results for this survey out yet. But someone posted the link to the results of last year’s survey …

I browsed through the results. Interesting.

interesting and very biased because of the audience… India is the country of only 1.1% of last year respondents… take findings with a grain of salt.

The result’s aren’t biased (at least not deliberately), they take into account a wide distribution of professionals from all over the world, if Indian designers didn’t take part it’s not the fault of the publishers, they can only take a subsection of results based on those willing to take part, it’s not a deliberate attempt to have tainted results, it’s simply a case of the people reading the magazine (which BTW is considered a must by many professionals) contributed and the results are published. As far as their results go, they have more people taking part than most other web design surveys making theirs more accurate than anything else your likely to find (on the state of the industry). It’s a flawed argument to claim that the results are distorted to such a level that it’s results aren’t trustworthy. :slight_smile:

Please Publish Results for this Survey.