Help with dissertation research (survey)

Hi guys,

I’m currently studying a part-time degree in graphic design and am just about to start my final year. I’m needing to carry out research and write the first draft of my dissertation at the moment, so I was hoping I could get a few of you to complete the following online survey:

I’m looking to get feedback from as many graphic designers and web professionals as possible, to help inform my research on how the internet has affected the graphic design industry.

There are 20 questions to complete. If that seems like too many, then just fill in the questions that interest you most - I’m keen to get any responses I can.

Many thanks,


Thanks to everyone who has completed my survey so far! :slight_smile:

If anyone else wouldn’t mind helping out, it would be very much appreciated. I need to get as many graphic/web design professionals as possible to participate.

Thanks again.

Nice site. Took your survey. Thoughtful questions! Will send this on to other colleagues.