A Community Discourse "How To..."

We’re all new to Discourse, and all still finding our way around. By way of help, we have the Discourse Cheat Sheet:

and @cpradio’s great guide:

But members have been asking specific “how to” questions and getting answers in other threads, too. So that we don’t lose all those helpful hints, I thought it would be a good idea to start a community support topic, where anybody can either post a link to a “how to” post they’ve found helpful, or share a tip which they’ve discovered themselves to make Discourse use easier.

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I’ll start by mentioning my own post explaining how to mark categories as “Muted”. It also works for “Tracking” and “Watching” too, of course:

(Hint: If you click the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the quote, it will take you to the original post, complete with screenshot).

We all know that Links are not magical but sometimes we can be surprised.

Normally, I had use these links to view new entries into our universe.

After viewing the topics I would go back to the top and head back to the home page. Unless of course I could just hit the Back button once.

Sometimes of course that was not always as easy.

After reading a topic not too long ago I noticed at the very bottom of the screen was this Link.

That’s when it clicked with me that these two were the same area. I can now go back.

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The old forum allowed members to block members considered offensive or incorrect. Does Discourse offer a way to block specific member posts? PMs?


From what I can tell, the sentiment at meta is to have such members “weeded out” entirely rather than have an “ignore user” feature.

Thanks, Alan. That means a flag is required vs an ignore? IMHO, that’s pretty poor (but probably out of SitePoint’s control).

On the other hand, if I’m getting that thin skinned, perhaps I need to be here even less.



C’mon. Don’t say that :frowning:

I suppose it might be possible to write a userscript that finds a member’s username goes up a few divs and styles as display none. eg. :wink:

<div id="post-cloak-7" class="ember-view post-cloak"><div id="ember2368" class="ember-view topic-post clearfix regular group-Advisors"><div id="ember2553" class="ember-view gap hidden"></div>

<div class="row">
  <section id="ember2554" class="ember-view embedded-posts top topic-body offset2 hidden"></section>

<article class="boxed" id="post_7" data-bindattr-137="137" data-post-id="818187" data-bindattr-138="138" data-user-id="21">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="topic-avatar">
        <div class="contents" data-bindattr-139="139">
          <a id="ember2555" class="ember-view trigger-user-card main-avatar" href="/users/molona"><img src="http://cdn.discourse.org/sitepoint/user_avatar/sitepoint/molona/45/18406.png" class="avatar" title="molona" height="45" width="45"></a>

    <div style="" class="topic-body">
      <div class="topic-meta-data">
        <div id="ember2556" class="ember-view names trigger-user-card"><span class="username staff moderator Advisors"><a href="/users/molona" data-auto-route="true">molona</a><i class="fa fa-shield" title="This user is a moderator" alt="This user is a moderator"></i></span><span class="user-title"><a href="/groups/Advisors" class="user-group">Titanic {float: None}</a></span></div>
        <div class="post-info">

            <a class="post-date" href="/t/a-community-discourse-how-to/97669/7?u=mittineague" data-share-url="/t/a-community-discourse-how-to/97669/7?u=mittineague" data-post-number="7" data-bindattr-140="140">
              <span class="relative-date" title="November 3, 2014 3:07am" data-time="1415002026969" data-format="tiny">1m</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;#7

        <div class="read-state read" data-bindattr-141="141" title="Post is unread"><i class="fa fa-circle"></i></div>

      <div class="select-posts hidden" data-bindattr-142="142">
        <button data-ember-action="143" class="hidden" data-bindattr-144="144">select +replies</button>
        <button data-ember-action="145" class="select-post">select</button>

      <div class="bottom-round contents regular" data-bindattr-146="146">
        <div class="cooked">
          <aside class="quote" data-post="6" data-topic="97669"><div style="cursor: pointer;" class="title">
<div class="quote-controls"><i class="fa fa-chevron-down" title="expand/collapse"></i><a href="/t/a-community-discourse-how-to/97669/6" title="go to the quoted post" class="back"></a></div>
<img src="/community/user_avatar/sitepoint/dklynn/40/17554.png" class="avatar" height="20" width="20">dklynn:</div>
<blockquote><p>perhaps I need to be here even less.</p></blockquote></aside>

<p>C'mon. Don't say that <img src="//cdn.discourse.org/sitepoint/plugins/emoji/images/frowning.png" title=":frowning:" class="emoji" alt="frowning" height="20" width="20"></p>
        <section class="ember-view post-menu-area clearfix" id="ember2557"><nav class="post-controls"><div class="actions"><button title="like this post" class="like" data-action="like"><i class="fa fa-heart"></i></button><button title="share a link to this post" data-share-url="/t/a-community-discourse-how-to/97669/7?u=mittineague" data-post-number="7" data-action="share"><i class="fa fa-link"></i></button><button title="privately flag this post for attention or send a private notification about it" data-action="flag"><i class="fa fa-flag"></i></button><button title="you've read this post; click to bookmark it" class="bookmark" data-action="bookmark"><div class="read-icon"></div></button><button title="show more" data-action="showMoreActions"><i class="fa fa-ellipsis-h"></i></button><button title="begin composing a reply to this post" class="create btn" data-action="reply"><i class="fa fa-reply"></i>Reply</button></div><div class="post-admin-menu"><h3>Admin</h3><ul><li class="btn btn-admin" data-action="toggleWiki"><i class="fa fa-pencil-square-o"></i>Make Wiki</li><li class="btn btn-admin" data-action="togglePostType"><i class="fa fa-shield"></i>Add Staff Color</li><li class="btn btn-admin" data-action="rebakePost"><i class="fa fa-cog"></i>Rebuild HTML</li></ul></div></nav></section>
      <section id="ember2565" class="ember-view embedded-posts bottom"></section>
      <section id="ember2566" class="ember-view post-actions hidden"></section>
      <div id="ember2567" class="ember-view hidden topic-map"></div>

    <div id="ember2568" class="ember-view gutter"><a href="#" class="reply-new"><i class="fa fa-plus"></i>Reply as linked Topic</a></div>


<div id="ember2569" class="ember-view gap hidden"></div>


Feel free to PM a Team Leader if someone is engaging you just to get under your skin, or whatever the case may be. That is part of the reason we exist, to ensure we have and continue to have a healthy community.

@molona - like I said, it may be my problem. Too much interaction with that individual in the past to be willing to accept PM’d comments is a good indication of a very thin skin, i.e., my problem. I do than you for your comment, though. :blush:

@Alan - I’ve never played with re-coding webpages like that but appreciate the effort it took to generate the code. Not sure that it would also handle PM’s, too, though (and not worth the effort for one individual).

@cp - If you recall, I’d been the Hosting TL for a seeral years so I am aware of staff responsibilities. My concern was in NOT making a “federal case” out of something that WAS as simple as blocking ONE member. At least it WAS simple; that’s why I was asking about blocking with Discourse. Bummer.

@TB - well, that’s good news! Thanks, there may be some hope after all.

Thanks, all, don’t worry about it.



If you just want to block PMs/mentions, that is on the Discourse “to do” list:

No idea when it might be implemented, though.

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Yep, I do. Just wanted to put it out there so if others feel the same, they know they can contact us about these things. Also keep in mind, that although Discourse Core Team doesn’t put any emphasis on this, it doesn’t mean a plugin couldn’t be developed to provide this functionality. If we see a lot of requests for this, it will likely end up on someone’s desk to be worked on :smile: (so please keep coming up with ideas that will help improve community function)

I should have realized that. Of course you should make comments for the entire community; I know that I did. :blush:



@TB, Whoops! My thanks went above while I was editing my original post. You and CP were certainly fast! Thanks again!




Same-o problem with J_M. Has “block this member” arisen to the top of the ToDo list yet? I’ve use “mute” on the (flagged) thread but that will only work for that thread.



In your preferences there is a Mute User feature. It doesn’t stop you from seeing their posts, but you won’t be notified of their posts/topics/PMs, etc. So it simply mutes any notifications that would otherwise be generated by the user.

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