8 Top Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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What makes you the king of Young Entrepreneurs and what have you done?

I have to agree, this looks like it was copied from some plain-vanilla entrepreneur’s intro guide. Nothing special. Would it have killed Akash to have added something of value? Or does he have no experience and can only regurgitate what others have already published?

very good article…

Passion and Dedication are the keys!

Being passionate about what you do always makes an impact, even if you haven’t got the exact skill set. You can always teach someone new skills but it’s difficult to find enthusiasm

Great article, starting a business is a learning process no matter what phase of life or business you are in. Mistakes will be made, setbacks, but also triumph. always up and down and up again. Enjoyed the “be prepared to fail” segment but don’t agree with titling it as such. Sends the wrong message. Be prepared to learn, be prepared to make mistakes, but be prepared to move fast when you learn you have made a mistake to fix it.

Agreed on the “prepared to fail” section. I’ve done freelance work before but I never really considered it a real business for some reason. Th clients I had were from referrals or people I knew, I didn’t have to put much effort into finding clients.

Now it’s a different story altogether. I’ve not officially launched my product (still under development), but it feels much more like a business than anything I’ve ever done. It’s very exciting! And kind of scary… strange. But I agree with most of the article for sure, good stuff.

Very nice article. I especially liked the part that it have to be fun for young entrepreneurs. It can be magic and a dream come true when your business becomes popular. But at the end of the day, ask yourself did you have fun…

I admit that i agree with you all that passion is more important than the set skills because skills can be learned while being passionate in what you do is a thing that comes from a person who loves what he is doing which results to dedication, hardwork and SUCCESS.

Thanks for sharing this article this will sure be a guide to me and to others who are starting a business.

Tips looked canned. Besides there should be a 9th, Be prepared for someone to try and screw you.

Hi all,

   You need to put your goals and assets on a paper to evaluate your potential and then analyze against market players. Keeping it simple young entrepreneurs as well as establish ones need a business plan on to track business progress periodically and to present a picture of their business to attract potential investors.

Custom Business Plans

failures make one a better entrepreneur.
accept them happily and most of all, learn from them.

My tip would be: spend your time selling and doing business, not talking about it.

i need help trying to start up. Any one got any ideas on which to help me? Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Hiedi

Knowing where you want to be in 6-12-24 months etc is key, and being able to describe in detail what success will look like to you.

Too informative article. Must read it.

Solve a real problem not a fictitious one. Better if you would actually be your own first customer. That’s what we did.

Another way of looking at it is don’t create a solution looking for a problem. Find a problem, and then create a solution.

Nice tips. Honestly, I saw many young entrepreneurs who already succeeded in their field. And I’m inspired with what they got. I hope one day I’ll be like them :smiley:

Actually i want to be a successful enterpreneur

i know to be on that position i have to sacrifice a lot

and i want to do it at any cost

i will say to become anything you need dadication and goal and never losses kind of will power

Was looking for more technical answers…sorry