10 Years On: SitePoint's Co-founder Spills the Beans

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Nice one! I can’t believe its been ten years either. Congratulations! Here’s to wishing continued success in the future!

Hey Mark, not to be too forward but are moving expenses covered with that job offer if you’re coming from say, the US?

Awesome interview. Loved the part about why you shouldn’t start a business and work for Sitepoint or 99Designs instead. Great plug.

10 years old, blimey! Time flys when your hav’in fun, eh? Also I’ve noticed a spelling mistake within the last paragraph what Mark says, look for ‘foosball table’.

This is a very nice article. I am totally inspired by your age and what you have done. I am building my own biz rite now but I wouldn’t mind workin with SP! Do you need anyone in SoCal?

@spence_noodle: It’s definitely foosball, not football. Check out the action!

Great interview Mark and well done Chris. It’s amazing how you always learn something new about someone in these interviews, even though you work with them every day. Mark you certainly are an inspiring person to work for and congratuations on the 10 great years!

For the right person, without a doubt, Sojan. We’ve already employed 4 or 5 guys directly from overseas and helped all of them to varying degrees.

Wonderful interview Mark and Chris. It is such an exciting time to live in. Seeing a company like SitePoint grow worldwide just shows the potential of the internet. We have barely scratched the surface and already it seems huge.

I am so very glad that I had a chance in my lifetime to be witness to this. I envy the young people who take all of this for granted, no second thoughts about it. It is just a given, it is just there, an every day necessity. SitePoint has played a huge part in this growth and I wish all the best to this wonderful company. Congratulations for having 10 years under your belt.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’m also glad that I’ve been able to live through the emergence of the so-called “information age” and hopefully sitepoint.com has played a tiny part in helping it along.

You know I hear people all the time say that it’s hard to start a business these days because everything worthwhile has already been done. They couldn’t be more wrong!

I’m still around to answer any other questions you might have.

Sitepoints been an amazing resource over the years. It’s something that has really helped me learn about technology.

I knew nothing when I was a 14 year old, sitepoint helped me masters coldfusion (When allaire existed) among other front end technologies.

I wouldnt be at the level I’m at now if not for this place. Not to mention at some point I won a WML book which I still have to this day (Because wml never really took off :wink:


A milestone.

Thanks for doing the interview Mark :slight_smile: (I’m also now curious on how you handled the “dangerous objects” question …)

really it is great stuff! good works at sitepoint

What I Truely like about sitepoint is the quality. The quality of Everything: Your books / Your articles / Your forums posts. Everything sounds gr8 here. I think you can still have gr8 future projects based on the success you achieved on sitepoint. Wish you the best…

yeah how did you answer the dangerous to play with question?

its a great community @ sitepoint and not to mention the great quality of knowledge for everyone to mine on.

I agree, they could not be more wrong. It is amazing how people without vision predict the collapse of life when a new technology or method emerges. It always was the case.

The future looks bright and oh so exciting :slight_smile: New kinds of jobs will emerge, new specialty jobs and on and on. What a great time we are living in.

Would a response of “No” not be sufficient? I can’t think of anything else you could say to a three year old.

Sitepoint is one of the oldest resources for professional growth in web development online, and continually proves to be a critical tool in my work. I would not be doing what I’m doing today if not for the articles and forums at Sitepoint. And I love what I’m doing today, so thank you.

is the Sitepoint Team searching for a professional PHP Programmer/Senior Programmer?

Did read you would answer here. Thanks alot.

If you ask me, Sitepoint used to be a great site, resource and community but nowadays it has just gone down the pan…

Flush and move on I guess.