How to Market Your Business on a Shoestring

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Well Done, Great Article, lots to be learnt.
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Excellent!!! Just what I needed! I think everyone starting ANY type of business should read this!

Andrew, another excellent article again :slight_smile:
I guess this is a description of some of the steps you used to start your business?
Keep on writing,

Yeah. Some good ideas there. Nice work :slight_smile:

Article was very good. Has given my some kind of direction now on how to market.

Great article… Exactly the same steps you need to find a salaried job these days. Everything is about the network.

Another great bit of content from this guy…I was actually quite interested in a Blog post that he made

Discussing the promotional benefits of writing articles and distributing them.

A very valuable article! It shall be useful in “re-launching” my company and injecting it with a much-needed set of marketing practices. Thanks for another great article, Andrew.

Very good article. I am pretty good at being creative in marketing, but it usually costs me a bit of money. There were some great ideas in the article that I am planning on implementing right away!

Excellent article. This is definitely the way to go when you have no start-up money!

You need to develop some routines though, juggling this kind of work and getting stuck into complex project work can be hard: especially given that the promotional and sales stuff will probably not be something that talented web designers are naturally good at.

Being able to quickly write up proposals, knowing how to quickly phone around your contacts and being clear about what you want from each call (like a lunch appointment, or a chance to show a 10 minutes presentation) could help.

Andrew, how might this develop into a repeatable, efficient sales channel? How have other people gone implementing this? And, how do we use the web to greatest effect at this phase of building a client base?


Next article will focus on putting marketing on “autopilot.” Thanks for suggestion.



Fantastic article! You are really in same line as Joel, Eric Sink and other enterprenurs who gives no nonsense practical advice. I am going to forward this article to all my friends who wants to build a company! :slight_smile:

you are in luck

Seen the charitable approach before, and it does work :slight_smile:

Excellect article, one i’ll be coming back to again and again :slight_smile:

Well done

Great article. This is much needed information as I am starting a whole new business.

Good article. I realized that is about marketing first. I am not the most technical savy person, but I know enought to get by. You want your clients to rely on you for expertise and explain things in non technical terms.

I can’t believe you didn’t mention issuing press releases. It’s free to do, free advertising, and it really does work. If you really do have something new and unique, or are doing something traditional in a different way (or basically, you company is doing something), issue a press release!

I am used to always be on top in everything I do… I like it. That is what I find fun, it is like a game. But in the other hand I really liked that quote of your:

“At times you will want to give up (don’t!).”

It is simple, but it actually give me a big slam in the face. Since I am used to be in the top players, but that now I am confronted with new challenge, I wonder if I can keep it up. I guess sometime when you feel bad, you feel un-motivated, you just have to tell yourself to not give up. In the long run it pays. I know, I remember some of the time where I had an hard time achieving something, and I gave so much effort, that I ended up being in top again. That is often the key to success. You might have talent, you might be smart. But when you plays against as smart people or you get challenge up to your skills, you will see that you will need to do that little effort.

All that said: thanks again! :wink:

Good article and generally very motivated - Exactly what new businesses need to hear, so for that I’m sure alot of people will get an instant buzz from this one.

I can add that you must have good instinct and a nose for where the money is if you’re going to be good at running your own show in the long run. Having run my own business for 13 years I think one of the most important aspects of being successful is constantly assessing yourself - it promotes self motivation.


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