5 Mobile App Testing Tools

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As an app developer you need to ensure that your app works and that there are as few issues as possible on release. There are many testing tools available that help distribute beta versions and invite users to give feedback and report problems.

With app testing tools you can generally collect crash reports, analytics, feedback and more. In this article I will list some of the free and paid options that will help you to publish better apps.

Some tools are only for iOS and others are cross platform.

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I’d like to contribute a solution useful for Hybrid App developers. MVTester is geared to solving the problem of device fragmentation and large inventory of different devices. Elements such as screen size, pixel density do affect how an app looks and behaves. MVTester is currently in beta testing http://jralabs.com/downloads.html.

We are using Ubertesters (#5 in your list, but #1 in mine :slight_smile: ). We are happy with their solution (we use Pro plan for our company), and two weeks ago started to use their ‘Hire Testers’ service. It’s a nice feature - we can have testers right when we need them, and what is even more important for us - testers from specific locations. I mean, it’s really awesome when you can have, let’s say, 10 testers from NZ and 10 from USA, LA right tomorrow, without waisting weeks on search.

If speaking about issues that I faced working with Ubertesters… Probably, the main one for me is that they still don’t have Windows Phone support. Hope they will see my comment :wink:

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Thanks Alexw for sharing your experience and tools you are using.

As said above we too used ubertesters which is really good.

Great list, Tahir! There’s a 6th tool I can think of which helps in a unique way: it’s called Appsee - www.appsee.com - and they have a visual mobile analytics solution so you can actually watch how users interact with an app (using things like heatmaps and real user sessions which have been recorded) and figure out what needs to be improved from there. It’s the best way to improve UX issues and optimize an app. Really cool stuff.

Thanks Robinis for sharing 6th tool Appsee. Hetmaps are very useful and there are many services which allow users to use heatmaps to analyze.

There are, but I believe Appsee is the only one to let you watch recorded sessions!

Hi Tahir,

Interesting list.
Would like to add another one to the list: BugClipper - www.bugclipper.com It’s an In-App Feedback and Visual Bug reporting tool. With BugClipper you can take screenshots, annotate, record videos in your own voice and send it to the developer.
Video recording shows the user touch points plus you can explain the issue clearly making it easier to understand. It also helps in understanding how people are using the app, a good way to do the usability testiing. Use to get Feedback from your end customers and improve satisfaction level.

It is great to see more testing tools thanks !!

Take a look at this forum post for some other slightly different testing ideas…

Very Help full artical for Android App developer .

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Glad you liked it :wink:

thankx for sharing such a useful information with us… :blush: :innocent: :blush:

In my opinion following are the steps for doing the mobile app testing in a right way :-

  1. Test Driven Development Process
  2. Automated Testing
  3. User Testing and Automated Distribution

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following are the tools for mobile testing tools:

  1. Ranorex Android Application Testing Tool
  2. Robotium Android Testing Tool
  3. Appium Android Automation Framework
  4. Google Play Native App Beta Testing
  5. Ubertesters

Thanks for the list and to share your valuable experiance with us.