Mobile testing software on mac

Hi. Can any one recommend any software for MAC for testing my website for mobiles. Want to be able to test offline as I am developing my site on my localhost.


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There are various options for testing, but nothing that’s really excellent.

On a Mac, you can download the Apple developer tools that include iPhone and iPad emulators:

Sauche Labs is a handy online tool for testing rendering in mobiles:

Similar to the Apple tools are the Adnroid tools, though I’ve never used them:

Mobilizer is a desktop app that emulates iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre:

Not sure it’s very reliable, though. It basically seems to fit your design into the viewport size of those devices, rather than actually test them.

Opera has an online testing tool (, as well as desktop versions:

You can also take srceen shots of any mobile using the free Mobilito service.
And there is also the dotMobi emulator for simpler devices.

Most of these options are only useful if the site is online, though. I would recommend you upload the site to a testing area. Then you can sneak into a mobile phone shop and test rendering in a wide variety of devices.

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Thanks for that Ralph. Have downloaded the Xcode from the Applers Developers here and also fount a great tutorial here Looks like I am now ready to go.

Cheers for your time.