Feedback on a new UX/Usability tool


First of all, I’m new around here. Hopefully I’m not breaking some unspoken rules and make you hate me :smile:

I’ve seen that there aren’t that many topics on tools that address mobile apps usability testing and such. That’s why I wanted to open this topic maybe it can be of help to some (future) you.

I’m part of a startup that started on a journey to build this tool UXRecord that we hope it can help as many people as possible.

You can explore the website and give it a spin and tell us what you think.

As an overview of what it does:

  • Recorded user feedback from the phone’s front-facing camera with both audio & video
  • Your app’s screen recording and finger movement synchronized with the user’s face recording
  • Design improvements with screenshot submissions in a collaboration environment (tags, comments, assign to, etc.)
  • Heatmaps with all interactions on your app’s screens
  • Relevant Analytics

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Don’t be gentle :smile:



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