5-For-1 Deal Is Back With a Kindle & iPhone Twist

Our 5-for-1 sales last year were so popular, we thought we’d bring it back with a Kindle and iPhone twist!

Most SitePoint books are now Kindle, iPhone, iPad ready.

You can now access most SitePoint books on your Amazon Kindle, iPhone, and almost all portable eBook readers. And to celebrate the availability of the MOBI and EPUB eBook formats (in addition to PDF), we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse.

Buy 1 Book, Get 4 Free - Very limited time offer.

That’s right. You can have FIVE books in ALL formats for just $29.95.

So if you’ve been considering a new SitePoint book, want to consolidate your eBook library, or just want to learn a new skill, don’t delay – this special price won’t be around for long.

In fact, the party’s over in two weeks. Grab 'em while you can.

I bought some of your books and would like to know how to download the .mobi and .epub version of them. I only find the link to download the .pdfs.

Thanks in advance

Just purchased my 5 books, they’re downloading right now, but I’m happy with my choices and I’ve been dieing to read Elliot Jay Stock’s book for ages. Incredibly happy I was able to get it with a promo!


Yes I’ve purchased sitepoint books in the past for the pdf versions and i would like to get the other versions of them as well.

I bought 5 pdf books last time this offer was on - am I able to download the iPhone friendly versions…? That would sure help my commuting time fly by faster!

Yes, I was wondering if people who have PDF versions could get EPUB and/or MOBI versions as well.

I’m afraid that the new formats are available for purchase but are not being given away free to people that already own the books in other versions.

I suggest you take advantage of the sale while the price is so good!

The pdfs are actually separate files. The eReader files need to be specifically purchased.

Do the right thing Sitepoint and give the people who bought the digital copies the other digital versions. The economy still is in the tank so don’t do this to your loyal customers and have them rebuy something they already have digitally.

Wow. This is probably the worst time for this sale lol. I just got my paycheck but it’s going to the IRS because I owe taxes…I won’t have money for another 2 weeks (+1 day)



I have just purchased five of the the new eBook format books. How do I get them onto my iPhone? Which format do I need to download?

Would be great if I could download my old PDF version purchases to my iPhone too.



To confirm what do we get with this package? PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats?


Yes you get the option to download all three formats: PDF, MODI and ePub.

ping me at + 1 day and I’ll see what we can do

Andrew Tetlaw is planning to release a step by step video today on how to get your books on your iphone. We’ve briefly covered it here which might help you get started.

Don’t the Kindle and iPad support pdf?

Yeah – but they look really bad! And pretty useless. We’ve spent a lot of time creating specific style sheets to optimize the rendering on these devices

Now that’s a shame. I would even be open to pay a small fee for the “upgrade” for some of the PDFs I have. Oh well :slight_smile:

Shayne addresses sale questions here :slight_smile:

Sweet! How much longer do we have to take advantage of this deal?

I am really disappointed to know this and I wish you would reconsider this decision. I have bought eighteen of your books in PDF format and other publishers (Manning, O’Reilly and Pragmatic Programmers) allow me to download any version I want when I buy a Digital Edition from them.

After all, I’m buying the content and not the format it is distributed in unless it is printed where I have to pay for the paper as well.

I have an iPhone and a Kindle so I don’t believe that I will be willing to pay 3 times for the same book. Considering that I’d have to rebuy 36 books (.mobi and .epub for each of the eighteen books I already own), I probably won’t buy any books from you from now.