5 Days To Postion 8, Glad I Didn't Pay


I’ve been reading soooooo much info on SEO and doing my own instead of paying too much money for it.

I registered my new domain 7 days ago and began doing as much manual work as I could. To my surprise I saw my site on page 1 pos 8 after just 5 days of solid work. Is this good?

site is http://www.sussexweddingphotography.org.uk

It’s only for 1 keyword ‘sussex wedding photography’ at the moment although I’ve not tried others.

I still don’t have a page rank, although it turned up 5millionth on Alexa which is better then it was unranked a few days ago.

So. There are just so many confusing articles out there about this is good, this is bad, then this is good again.

How can I rank on page 1 without a good page rank?
Will a page rank start moving me up the list?
Best things to do now??

Just wanted to share and find out if this was good going or not. I really didn’t know if what I had been doing was correct and thought at least 3-6 weeks before I can see anything…


I agree that SEO can be learned reasonably easily, there is nothing the professionals don’t know that you can’t google yourself

You got the ranking mainly because of domain name support. Keep you work in continue else any time you will loose you position.

You’re right - White Hats and search-engine mouthpieces have been stating for a long time that you shouldn’t “display” content one way for consumers and another way for search engines.

Negative margins/absolute positioning falls in that gray area. I’d suggest that since the consumer doesn’t actually “see” that content - in that it’s not visible when they look at the page, or the display of it is activated in someway - then you could be considered to be “hiding” content.


Yeah. I will now target other keywords but wanted to start with one I know is searched. Google keywords tool says there a 4.5k searches on that a month. Any other ACCURATE way I can check the searches on that keyword.

Sussex has, like most other areas. A saturated market. Competition I would say is quite high…

Hmmm…interesting to see how long that lasts…

Three things concern me about this site:

  1. Negatively positioned text that doesn’t appear on the viewport
  2. a Links page with hundreds of links
  3. Single page of content (apart from the links page).

If it does last longer than the QDF effect sustains, then who am I to be a critic?

So many red herrings in all this SEO.

I’ve concentrated in getting my site manually into directories, getting some quality link backs, posting to high PR forums of relevance, not spamming. Some Social Bookmarking sites e.t.c

Very Very shocked at the time it took and hopefully I will climb the list, I wasn’t even looking on google I just saw it accidentally yesterday…

It all depends on how targeted your site is, and what the competition is like. I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t have thought there is a huge marketplace of wedding photographers in Sussex, so there will only be a few other sites in competition with yours. If you were going for “UK wedding photographers”, it would take a lot longer, and a lot more work and effort, to get a good position in the rankings.

Your next step should be to work on targeting major towns and cities within Sussex - so that when people type in eg “Brighton wedding photographer”, they also get your site at the top of the list … they won’t always search for the words you want them to search for!

PageRank is basically a distraction, a decoy that stops less experienced webbies from concentrating on the real issues.

PageRank is one of many (over 200?) factors that all combine to give your overall rating in Google for any given search term. It very specifically measures the number and quality of inbound links to your site - so it isn’t surprising that a new site won’t have generated many links yet. But there are many other factors where you can more easily and more quickly build up a good score - particularly around your own content and markup, and getting a few inbound links.

Another thing to remember is that the published PR figures are usually way out of date. Google continually updates their own data, but this only gets published several months down the line, so you won’t see the effects of any new links in your PR for a while, even when they start to influence your results position.

Quick answer - don’t worry about PageRank at all. Concentrate on making your site the best it can be, and getting good quality inbound links from relevant sites. PR is one reflection of one aspect of Google’s algorithm, and it isn’t worth wasting time on. If your site is good, it will get a good ranking regardless of the published PR value.

Position has now moved up to 5th place

Congrats mate. The keywords ‘sussex wedding photography’ within the domain is playing a key role in ranks. Try optimizing different keywords on inner pages. will make difference heaps :slight_smile:

Thank Jehosaphat…

Should have mentioned co.uk side of things…

Should this actually be possible. I know I am patting myself on the back, but the wealth of info I read said this kind of thing takes min of 3-6 weeks.

Is it because I have domain name in url, which might help a little…

I am towards the bottom of the list

I could find him on google.co.uk, congrats


It is there and wasn’t a few days ago. Could it be bringing up local results for my area.

Here is a link for what I see when I search

Is it similar to yours…


Are you doing this to benefit your visitors? Or Search Engines.

I’m not saying you’re wrong (though ethically I don’t agree with your methods), but hiding content deliberately for purpose of providing a different experience (content) for search engines and your normal visitors is something that all the search engines deem to be crossing the line.

Like I said, i’m not saying you’re wrong to take the approach you have, and I could write a diatribe on ethical standards of web design and development in respect to SEO, but it’s purely my opinion, and I don’t own Google, so who am I to judge?

Another quick one.

I am loathed to change it but have. Initial site that got to pos 8 was content based. I’ve changed it, it has the same content but in div tags which are positioned out of view and I’ve hidden the scrollbars.

Is this going to effect anything?

The number of searches is not always correlated to the competition level for the keyword.

For your search term you are essentially competing with 271 other sites, that is not a large amount of competition.


intitle:“sussex wedding photography” + inurl:“sussex wedding photography”

Using the Intitle + inurl operators will allow you to get a more accurate picture of your SEO competition. If they don`t have it in the title and the url then they aren’t really competing from an SEO perspective.

I am higher up the list in yahoo for same keyword.

What I want now is to be visible for say

‘sussex wedding photographers’
‘wedding photographers in sussex’

How should I go about this, is this based on keywords in my pages???