cf.Objective Conference Wrap-up

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cf.Objective() 2008, the third instalment of the “enterprise engineering conference for ColdFusion MX Programmers” run by Jared Rypka-Hauer, is now over for another year. cf.Objective() is unique in the conference circuit in that it concentrates almost solely on advanced topics. It also seems to generate a huge buzz in the community, and attracts attendees from around the world to Minneapolis.

It seems most delegates have arrived back home and updated their blogs, so I figure it’s time to see what they all learnt over the three days…

Brian Rinaldi wrote a comprehensive wrap-up for Fusion Authority. He noted that as the CF community continues to mature, developers are looking to the more advanced tools available to them to solve problems, namely Java, and this was evident in a number of session topics. He also noted that Flex was a hot topic, with so many sessions that a developer could spend the entire conference focused solely on Flex. Brian also reviewed several sessions in detail: Selling Professional Development in a Hostile Shop by Terrence Ryan; Leveraging Code Generation by Brian Kotek; Mate Flex Framework by Laura Arguello; Transfer Caching Mechanisms by Mark Mandel; and Flex: No Frameworks Required by Maxim Porges.

Mark Mandel wrote up his highlights, which included workshops on Model-Glue, ColdSpring, and Terrence Ryan’s session on Selling Professional Development at a Hostile Shop. While he was there, Mark presented two sessions on Transfer ORM (now at version 1.0) which were well-received – watch out for an interview with Mark on SitePoint in the near future.  He noted that the ColdFusion 9 information that was revealed was nothing overly surprising, but welcome nonetheless. Oh, and Mark was the lucky winner of the Nintendo Wii!

Brian Meloche posted three daily summaries – Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 – as well as an overall review, giving the conference an ‘A’ grade. Brian goes into quite a bit of detail about each of the sessions he attended, and makes note in particular of the Open BlueDragon initiative (a beta version was released during the conference) and covers what was discussed at the BF9 “Birds of a Feather” session. He was disappointed that more emphasis was not placed on the need for a dedicated ColdFusion IDE from Adobe.

A lot of material was published post-conference! Some more highlights include:

A number of presenters have provided session materials online – slides and code samples:

One factor that nearly every post mentioned was that it’s the people that make cf.Objective() so great. Steve Bryant resisted the urge to do some name-dropping, while Ben Nadel likened the experience to walking among giants. It’s certainly a recurring theme – as was the wish of many attendees to be back for cf.Objective() 2009!

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