By Mick Gibson

Can You Achieve CSS Warrior Status?

By Mick Gibson

Hey there, all you CSSers!

As part of the launch of our latest book “The CSS3 Anthology, 4th Edition – Take Your Sites to New Heights” we’re laying down the challenge for all of you to test your CSS knowledge.

Take the testand see if you can attain CSS warrior status!

  • For some reason page 1 of questions never shows up for me, it skips right to page 2… and question 4. So that’s 3 failed questions that don’t even seem to exist.

    Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE the term “Sprites” in regards to storing images as a single tile-sheet? Maybe because I know what a Sprite is after years of writing computer games and realize it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the background-image technique? (apart from sharing how SOME, but not all systems stored them?)

    Those ‘psuedo-classes’ threw me because they aren’t listed in any of the psuedo-class lists I’ve read… Why? Because they’re hidden in the “Basic user interface module” — so useful how this new spec throws things all over the place and you can’t even get a clear list of valid selectors anymore… Again, the people writing this spec need to take a few engineering courses.

    The wording of the correct answer for #15 makes it sound like they’re all wrong… as it sounds like it’s saying 1,3,6 instead of 1,4,7

    It lacks my proper answer for the HTML 5 shiv, which is “never”… and just why is a HTML question on a CSS quiz? Much less that polyfill nonsense… Well, I suppose it is important for people to be able to recognize them so they can know to avoid it.

  • Competion sounds cool. Will be giving this a shot.

  • Nistor Dorin

    For about 3 days i’m trying to buy The CSS3 Anthology (e-book format).. and i always get the same error message … i tryed Visa electron and Mastercard credid cards both accepted on other sites … but here no chance.. sorry i have to say that but i think you must fix that …or who knows how many customers you might lose …like i have to give up trying now … sorry about that …

    • Hey there. Your message has been forwarded to our support team (books at sitepoint dot com)
      Our payment processing is working fine, but it seems to be an intermittent problem that you’re having. Have you perhaps tried paypal?
      Tim or JP from suppport should get back to you pretty soon.

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