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Build It the Right Way—First Time, Every Time

    Melinda Szasz

    Everyone has at least one thing they learned to do the wrong way. Anything from spelling a word to playing a sport, or perhaps even driving! Yet, even after discovering the right way of doing it, most people still continue with their bad old habits. And this is no surprise …

    Learning is easy. Unlearning, on the other hand, is near impossible.

    Building a website follows the same rules. There are lots of wrong ways to do it. Hacks and workarounds may seem like a good idea at the time, but they will only bring you a world of pain later—and as we know, it’s not easy to change habits.

    So, to ensure your first website is easy to update, works in all browsers, and doesn’t constantly break and give errors, you must learn how to build it using industry best practices. Build Your Own Website the Right Way using HTML & CSS, 3rd Edition will teach you exactly this.

    This how-to guide is perfect for beginners with no knowledge about coding or building web pages. All you need to get started is a PC or laptop—and this book.

    You’ll learn everything from basic HTML and CSS, optimizing graphics and using forms to tracking your website’s visitors and utilizing social media.

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