Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way

I have the first addition of the book: Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS

Is the book still good or do I need to buy the new version.

I finally am getting around to have time to learn to build my own web site.


The first edition will be fine. The basics don’t change I doubt that much will have changed in the 2nd edition to warrant buying it. It’s a great book, I started with that also.

There will be a third edition soon. But like was said (x)html 1.0 hasn’t really changed since 2000 anyway.

The content will still be relevant about the only difference since the first edition is the browser versions have altered and a few browser bugs have been fixed. Though nothing really to warrant buying a new edition.

Ian did a promo video that talks about not just the differences between 1st and 2nd, he also talks about his mindset on writing it. His story about browsing the shelves at the local book shop felt SO familiar.