Flash Script – Ball and Wall Collision Effect

Georgina Laidlaw

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Ball and wall collision effect.

I’ll use the simple hittest() function in Flash to achieve this effect. Download the sample files here. Let’s start working.

1. Open a new movie wiht a width=550 and a height=400.

2. First we will create the outer wall. Create a small rectangle object like this one:


3. Convert the rectangle object to a movieclip, and name it "wall".

4. Now, drag four instances of the wall object and arrange as below.


5. Give each wall an instance name. I used the instance names border1, border2, border3, and border4.

6. Now let’s create the ball. Create a small circle object.

7. Convert it to a movieclip, and give it an instance name. I called it "circle".

8. Now we will give the action script. Create three key frames as shown below.


9. In the first key frame, instert the action:

   flag = 0; 
 //x coordinate =0
 x= 190;
  //y cordinate =0
 //random = 0
 rand = 0;

10. Initialize the variable in the first key frame.

11. In the second key frame, insert these actions:

  //set the x and y property of the circle movieclip 
 setProperty ("/circle", _x, x);
 setProperty ("/circle", _y, y);
 // creates a random number with this function
 function random_fun()
 r = random(10);
 return r;
 // check if circle has hit border4 if hit change x and y values
 if (circle.hittest(border4))
 tellTarget ("/circle") {gotoAndPlay(2)}
 flag = 1;
 rand = random_fun()
 // check if circle has hit border3 if hit change x and y values
 if (circle.hittest(border3))
 tellTarget ("/circle") {gotoAndPlay(2)}
 flag = 2;
 rand = random_fun()
 // check if circle has hit border2 if hit change x and y values
 if (circle.hittest(border2))
 tellTarget ("/circle") {gotoAndPlay(2)}
 flag = 3;
 rand = random_fun()
 // check if circle has hit border1 if hit change  
x and y values
 if (circle.hittest(border1))
 tellTarget ("/circle") {gotoAndPlay(2)}
 flag = 4;
 rand = random_fun()
 // set the x and y co-ordinates according the the  
place where the circle hit
 if (flag ==0) {
 x = x+rand;
 y = y+5;
 if (flag == 1) {
 x = x+5;
 y = y-rand;
 if (flag == 2) {
 x = x-5;
 y = y-rand;
 if (flag == 3) {
 x = x-rand;
 y = y+5;
 if (flag == 4) {
 x = x + 5;
 y = y - rand;
 // end action script

12. In the third key frame insert the action:

  gotoAndPlay (2);

That’s it! The movie should now work!

This movie is not as complex as it looks. Actually, it’s very easy compared to others found on the Web. There are a lot of possibilities with this movie. Let your imagination run wild!