A Flag For The United States Of Europe

    Jennifer Farley

    It’s quite a challenge to design a flag to represent one nation, never mind multiple diverse nations in one continent. Since 1955, the current European flag, with the twelve golden stars against a blue background has been used. Fifty years on and Europe has changed dramatically.

    A new European design project recently invited designers around the world to submit ideas for the design of a new symbol for Europe and over 1400 designs were received. The design brief asked “what is the impact of this new, dynamic society with its diversity in culture, language and traditions on Europe’s identity? How do Europeans experience Europe? And how can that identity take shape?

    From the 1400 designs, an international jury selected twelve symbols which will be made into flags and will adorn the flagpoles at the Hofvijver in The Hague for one week.

    12 Flags

    The twelve symbols below are those selected by the international jury. (Apologies for the small image sizes)


    ‘Europtimism’; Youngha Park, South-Korea


    ‘Europe – united in diversity’; Emilia Palonen, Finland


    ‘Night sky’; Matea Topic, Croatia


    ‘Color prints’; Eleni Iliadou, Greece


    ‘Europespace’; Charles Bignon, Spain


    ‘Symbol and flag for Europe’; Bas Pronk, Netherlands


    ‘Join the stars’; Brunno Jahara, Brazil


    ‘Spectrum’; Viktor Hertz, Sweden


    Unity in the European Union’; Menelaos Vakhou, Cyprus


    ‘United we shine’; Orio Tonini,  Netherlands

    You can read more about the project on the Design And Government site and see all 1400 submitted designs here.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on these designs. Which one (if any) is your favorite? What other symbols do you think are appropriate to represent Europe? Humorous responses welcome.