Hi all,

Lots of people on here have given me exceptional help and support with developing both this site, and my knowledge, for which I'm really grateful. I just wanted to share the fruits of my labour... and ask for more help!

This is the site:


I'm reasonably happy with the code although I know it has room for improvement! although I tested it pretty well on my own machine using FF3.5, IE8, Safari, Opera and Chrome, I have noticed a couple of glitches on other machines - mainly that the image slideshow on the homepage is out of place in IE?!
I haven't had chance to go back and look at this yet - it only happened once on a friend's laptop - but if anyone else has this problem and any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

Mainly I wanted to ask if there was anyway to make it load more smoothly? If you've clicked the link you'll appreciate why I'm asking!

ANY constructive feedback will be appreciated as I know there is room for all sorts of improvement