Sluggish Site in Internet Explorer


I’ve been working on a website and have got it working in all browsers, the issues start when I view it in IE…

I have some jquery bits

On home page

  1. Topnav dropwdown
  2. Header slider
    3 Banner sliding doors

content pages

  1. Topnav dropwdown
  2. Lightbox plugin

I find that the site renders really slow in IE, the top nav dropwdowns appear until the jquery is loaded. then their hidden.

I have optimised the images and I have had to resort to placing the javascript files at the top of the page so that they load quicker… But Im still getting a sluggish experience on IE

The lightbox is also a problem in IE, videos load as you would expect in all other browsers, but in IE the lightbox loads but the video in the lightbox doesnt and it just leaves a blank Lightbox?

has anyone come across these issues before with IE?

the site can be found here

I managed to fix a couple of issues… the drop down was being hidden by the jquery… I changed this to the css so that it was hidden before the DOM had a chance to finish.

The main issue is the youtube video now loading in the jquery lightbox…

I can’t work out why it’s not loading into the lightbox… It shows at the bottom of the browser that its loading the video… but nothing else happens…

Any ideas?

A few questions. Which IE version are you referring too? Should there be a video on every content page?

I just checked the site in IE8. I saw a video on the fake fashion page. Then there was a video on the money page, and that was it. They were showing okay in IE though. The loading time was I.M.O. not a big issue. I think you should be more concerned about Opera, there the videos did some weired things

Unrelated to your post, but I find the slideshow very jarring and distracting. It makes me want to close the window instantly. This is a pity, and unnecessary because the site design is very striking and effectively conveys the urgency of the content without resort to gimmicks. It’s not as if the slides convey any extra information.

For page loading issues, you may find this article interesting: