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    Stupid Job Postings...

    Post your favorite examples of hopeful stupidity and ignorant ramblings from Craig's List and elsewhere. We'll start with a contractor who wants roughly 8 to 10 grand of work done for a measly $500.

    Need an inexpensive website design. $500 limit for everything

    My site is; and I want it like,

    Please provide with a mock up site, (primarily the front page). I'm not interested in: your resume, work history, your web site, or how wonderful your work is.............I'm only interested in my work.

    this add will be removed when the job is filled.
    Yeah, right buddy. If you cut corners like this when hiring out for your website I can just imagine the corners you'll cut if I hired you to build a house for me.

    This next one is cute in a braindead way...

    I will barter: tanning visits for up-dating web site. I have a web site that needs updating, it was written with Dream Weaver. I want new pic's and brightened up, more up to date. I would like for you to teach me how to add specials, this will be on-going and would like to learn to do myself.
    Depending on expectations this actually might not be so bad for a high school sophomore that knows her stuff. Ok, so it isn't stupid outright but on the silly side.

    Now this one also struck me as odd.

    Need a web programmer welll versed in Visual Basic.
    Other languages (C#, C++, Javascript, etc.), MySQL and visual studio experience also helpful.
    Position is open to start immediately.
    Pay is based on abilities.
    Since when was VisiBasic a web language? I know it's close in syntax to ASP, and .NET can be used to cobble any language onto the web. But getting a visual basic program to deliver dynamic pages is an interesting requirement...

    The stupid kicks in with the wish list of other languages making me wonder if this person really knows anything about what they are asking for. Again, C# with .NET can be used for web pages, and it isn't even that unusal, but why isn't .NET mentioned? And MySQL is usually only brought up in the context of PHP which is likewise unmentioned here. Definitely needs research....

    Next up another employer setting expectations well beyond pay offers

    We are currently looking for a coder for our up coming website. The pay will be based off experience. Required knowledge in CSS, PHP, Ajax, HTML and MySQL. Prefer min 2+ years. If this is you reply to this post and ask for Will or call _____________ and ask for _____.

    This will be a temp to perm position with share options in the future.

    You will need to have your own laptop or desktop at home. Be ok with staff meetings and be able to update regularly on progress.

    You must sign a non-disclosure agreement before you can start working.
    Reasonable, and then in the fine print...

    Compensation: Pay based on work experience. Between $10 to $15 an hr.
    In East TN a programmer with no experience pulls $18 - $20 / hr. 2 years is a median more like $30-$40. So he's looking to pay half market value.

    And the last idiot job posting of the day.

    Full time position for a person to make minor website changes and upload files
    Work to be performed at our office in Knoxville, Tn
    Do not apply if you cannot work in our office
    Hours are 8-5 Monday - Friday
    You know it's a bad job and a stupid person posting it when they're offering to pay less than McDonald's.

    So share your local Craig's List inanity.

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    I scanned on my areas craigslist and didn't find anything too bad, though I would like to add on this note:
    You know it's a bad job and a stupid person posting it when they're offering to pay less than McDonald's.
    Um, Yeah. It's amazing what people think is reasonable, I mean, my basic reasoning is, around here dishwashers can make $10/hr. So when it's offered for serious web development, it's just a slap in the face.


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