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    I have a Magento problem to do with Custom Options

    I'm pretty much new to Magento and Web Design its self, so please bare with me.

    I had a website made using a Magento template and had the guys pretty much implement all of my products on to the website with how i wanted the order form to look and so on..

    But now its come to the time where i want to add a different range of products with a different order form, so i create a new Category, add a new product and images all fine, until i come to adding Custom Options e.g a Comment area, but as i have highlighted in red on my picture the same text appears under each Area to write the comment, which i guess was set up buy the guys before and i can't seem to find where to edit or delete this text.
    Anybody any idea? cheers

    Screen Shot.jpg

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    Welcome to the forums

    That looks like an error in the template/output code. I'd say it's a mistake/oversight by the template developer so go back to them and ask them to rectify it.


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