New Designer- Need hover gallery ASAP!

Hey all- I’m a relatively new designer (and by that I mean I’m still in High School). I have designed a few simple sites so far, and have had 1 customer. Recently, I was asked to make a website by an artist we know well. The site does not need to be super complex, but she does want a gallery. I don’t know almost any javascript, so am looking for a pre-made gallery on google. I want it to be at least nice looking, but there are some requirements. I have asked her, and she wants the gallery to be on hover- so when people scroll over an image it comes up larger. She wants this image to be above or to the side of the gallery. She also wants the the thumbnails to link to an larger version of the photo on a sperate page. I ha ve had some luck with lightbox 2, but it doesnt like to work all the time. I am trying to get it so that the site is dynamic in size, as a lot of people here still use 1024x768 screens. This large difference in screen sizes makes it very hard to adjust the site. So does anyone know of a resizable, easy to edit gallery code?

Please respond ASAP!!!


Hello :).

Take a look at that. Does something like that work for you? It’s easy to adapt to make the links to the left images, instead of the text.

Here’s another good one:

Also this:

All 3 are very fine examples. I think it should be pretty easy to edit them… maybe add some rounded corners and white background like a lightbox (make it look more professional). Looks like it should be pretty easy to do in CSS… A lot easier than I expected! :slight_smile:

Also- for screen size… I think I can work around 900-1000px as a guideline for limits. It will look ok on most notebook screens and looks large on my 20inch monitor. Most everything here is 1024x768 or 1366x768, just built a homepage slideshow and it looks good.

The only downside with hover galleries is that they won’t be much use on mobiles, which is why I avoid them.

Yeah, I’ve asked her about a clickable one but she is very adamant that she wants a hover gallery. Further complicating my life :slight_smile:

Then again, designing for mobiles is tough as heck… Its almost as bad as having to design around IE6! :open_mouth: