Hi all,

Since I am new to this area I was searching how to accomplish a pleasant and meaningful experience to visitors online leading to as much sales as possible. In my opinion there are four broadly defined area's. 1) the technical side of making a webshop 2) the UX of the webside 3)the design of a website (close to UX) and 4) attracting the right customers and let them buy (conversion, seo sem etc.).

However, how to combine these elements such that they play nicely together leading to the ultimate goal? Is there a UX/Design framework that tells you the best area for links, the best area for a sign up button and picture, where to place consumer experiences, do you need to place trust seals and if so what is the best location, where to place contact details etc etc.

In my opinion it should be possible to define a general mockup of the most important elements and their best possible location on the website. For instance, in CSS design you could say, use a 960 grid, but the question is then, how to place which elements where in order to maximize traffic, interaction and conversion. Moreover, what to show on a landingpage and what on the page behind the landingpage? etc etc.

Is there some general rule/mockup for ecommerce websites including landingpages that stipulates how and where to place important content in order to maximize traffic to, interaction on the website leading to conversion?