Five Keys to Improving Web Site Conversions

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Very helpful since most articles don’t talk about conversion.

It was an informative article but i have to be honest there was little ground breaking information in it. I found it a little too scientific and in reality life is never quite so linear there are a multitude of factors that it is impossible to measure and which might also effect website conversions such as what mood the visitor is in when they enter your site or your website speed.

I would recommend to improve keyword targeting. If visitors that enter that site don’t look for their offered products or services it will have very low conversion rate even if site is optimized for usability.

Relevant keywords are hard to choose and implement so take your time thinking about them before your site is constructed.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Great article - You are absolutely right - many businesses overlook the importance of validation. Our company has also found multi-variate testing of sales copy, design elements, call-to-actions, etc. to be a crucial part of the conversion rate optimization process for our clients. We have seen this 2x (or better) conversions for e-commerce and lead generation sites.