Web Designers & Developers: Would this be of interest to you?

Hi all :slight_smile:

Since I do a lot of conversion rate optimization and consulting, I’ve discovered that many times, my clients already have a designer or a team in-house and they just need to know what steps to take to make their site convert better. I’ve been thinking of ways to help them and their designers without stepping on anyone’s toes.

One idea I had would be to create wireframes of what high converting sites have in common, so that a designer or a developer could look through them and see exactly which layouts convert best (and why). Where possible, I’d include examples of sites using that layout and what their conversion rate is (if it’s public).

Would that be something that would help you do your job better? Something you’d be interested in?

Let me know - thanks!

Absolutely! I’d find that highly informative, and would help to plan out sites as I build them.