Web site design - :) or :(

Hello everyone,

last couple of months i am working hard on developing my web store and became true expert in WordPress and Digital Marketing.

After lot of readings, videos and sleepless nights i came almost to an end of my web store.

There were lot of challenges that i needed to cross to came to an end of my web store development and if someone is interested in challenges that i needed to cross i can share experience with him/her.

Now i need small help from you, i would like to get your feedback about first impression about the site. How do you like it, what do you think about design, would you stay longer on it or you would leave it immediately.

This is my web page: annepacks.com (Anne is the name of my wife :slight_smile: )

I would be very grateful to you for feedback because i am new in e-commerce business, alone and a bit worried how will it all end up.

Many thanks for feedback, i appreciate it a lot!!!

Best regards,

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IMHO, if you are going to use HTML(5) format, you should use the HTML doctype instead of XHTML Transitional. That way, instead of 502 Errors and 14 Warnings

there will (only) be 281 problems

(Don’t panic, usually fixing one thing solves a few others)

After you’ve done as much as you can there, you should look into improving the “F” grades

Wow, this is what i see for first time, site is working good i tested it, i do not know what this errors could cause. Many thanks!!!

Many years ago I created my first web page. Using IE6 on my 800x600 monitor it looked great. I was a webmaster! :smile_cat: … until I happened to look at it using Netscape :frowning2: Determined, after a lot of work I managed to get it to look good in both IE6 and Netscape. :relieved: Later I installed Opera and looked at the page, Bah! Again, after a lot of work I managed to get the page looking OK in all three of my browsers. Then I discovered the W3C validator - at the time many sites sported a “this site is valid” icon (even though most were not). Much to my pleasure I found that when my web pages passed validation they looked good in all three browsers. I now have ~10 different browsers I test with and the same holds true. When the HTML and CSS validates, the pages look good in all of my browsers. This is not to say they look identical to the pixel, only that they are not broken in any.

Right or wrong, I extrapolate my experience to other browsers that I don’t have available to test with and believe that the pages should also look good in them.

* Disclaimer: I am more a developer than a designer and my pages are “minimalist” so only occasionally do I need to find a browser specific fix. eg. adding a vendor prefix rule to the CSS

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When I land on a site that sells something, I want to know what it’s about, what it offers, what’s different about it. (Why should people come her rather than Amazon or similar?) That information only comes way down the page, in a dense block that no one will read. It’s better to say something simple and effective at or near the top that sums up what the site is about, perhaps with a link to more info.

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It looks great, but IMO, you should link styles instead of embedding some in the page unless it’s absolutely necessary

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Many thanks! What do you mean to link styles, concrete? Like link with photos or something similar? My idea is to connect products that match together with color, shape and that they can be wear together, what you can see from products photos. Actually that is one of the marketing tactics.

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You are right, i red lot of materials before starting developing web page and learned lot about marketing and e-commerce. Marketing is true science, believe me, and there are lot of books about customers psychology and the way people interact with content and design of web page. If i succeed to attract customers attention with good design and products, with short description at the top and products categories at the left, they will figure out what is store about very fast. Regarding text below, it is more SEO text helping to my page be recognized by Google and to place my webpage closer to first pages, i am aware that very few people will read it.
Also, when you enter Amazon you will see products first with no so much explanation what is it about, but people know it because of it’s popularity. And answering question, Why should people stay on my web page and not go on Amazon, it is proven customers psychology. If you see something you like and price is ok for you, you wont go searching around on other pages than you will purchase from current web store. I believe in success :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for feedback!!!

Probably should’ve been more clear - in in your head tags at the home page you do some style tags. IMO, you should just place those in a CSS file, and make your page compact. Style tags aren’t always needed on your page.

Good luck!

OK, i’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

Also, do you have a CMS or something of the sort? Or do you manually insert products?

If you don’t have a CMS, I suggest making one in PHP. It saves a lot of headaches

Thanks, I have CMS

I think the site looks great! I would personally put the “discount count down” and feature div as a side bar. It’s a bit underwhelming that, since your website is an ecommerce Site, i have to scroll down to see what the top products are. This should be dead center of the site, I shouldn’t have to scroll down to view those products.

Many thanks for feedback, i’ll have that in mind.Although, if your monitor is big enough you can see Top selling products immediately by entering the site. And if it is not it is then just 1/2 mouse scroll :smile:

In my opinion all is good with your website, but it seems some buttons are missed.

If you’re going to dig up a dormant topic (and we’d rather you didn’t) then please only do so to post something useful and of substance. “Some buttons are missing” is not informative. Which buttons, and where?

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Looks good to me, it’s a clear layout for the products, a lot of trust-symbols (which I really like) and no unneccesary stuff which can lead visistors astray.
congratz with the good work you’ve done!

I’m in two minds about it. I think you have done a good job from what i’ve seen but it does look very much like ebay at a glance. This can be good and bad in my mind. On the good side people might associate it with a trusted site like ebay but on the bad side sometimes it can look a bit like you are trying to use that as an advantage and trick people into trusting you. I’m not saying you are doing that but thats how i feel when i see sites that look like big sites. Your logo obviously uses very similar colors/format to Ebay at a glance.

For me i’d prefer to see it develop it’s own style. That’s not to say you can’t use similar parts to other sites but I’d rather it was more distinct.

That’s just my thinking and others may disagree. Perhaps trial a different version on some customers and see if your sales go up or down.

hope that is useful. Best of luck

I don’t know if that’s only me, but this kinda looks partially similar to ebay. I might be wrong. The categories section can be more highlighted as it doesn’t seems to be like a link.

The " GREAT STYLISH COMBINATIONS FOR HER AND HIM" section. It’s long. I think most people will choose not to read that much of a text in a store.

Personal choices though.

I like your site. Your web store has a nice appearance and convenient use. I think you will succeed with him. I haven’t had problem with the test use of your site.